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The artist draws a line in the picture..


The festival is promoted by the Sealy Main Street Program with the inaugural event planned for the Spring of 2022.  The Sealy Main Street Volunteers are proud to embrace the arts through this annual fundraising event.  


Our purpose is to promote a cross pollination of artistic genres that inspire a network of creativity, enable unexpected connections and celebrate artistic vision by bringing together artists, industry professionals, investors and patrons for one 3-day annual event.   


The event will benefit: 


  1. Artists and creators of all types and genres, connecting them together with an event, audience and social media following. Inspiring creation through exhibition, healthy competition, demonstration and interactive presentations.  Bringing imagination to life.  

  2. The Sealy Main Street Program as an annual fundraiser to sustain an economically vital historic downtown. Supporting small, independent businesses. Revitalizing and preserving important local historic assets and local quality of life. 

  3. Educational or artistic foundations to fundraise, promote and support the arts within the community.  Students can submit their artistic creations for auction and/or competitions and have an opportunity to obtain scholarships or monetary awards towards their future. 

  4. Tourism in the City of Sealy and Austin County with an annual event that draws people to the area. Enabling local shops, area businesses and artisans to supply and market their products to a wide audience. 

  5. Renew and revive our small town by building passion towards revitalization through small artistic projects each year as a buildup to the annual event.  Cleaning up and beautifying local grounds, signs, buildings, parks and more. 

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